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Coverage for Every Excursion With Off Road Insurance From Murray

For all you off-road adventurers out there around the Florida Coast, Murray Insurance specializes in ATV insurance. Whether you’re in the in the swamplands or along the Florida Coasts, Murray Insurance has you covered.
So then, what's your preferred means of getting away from it all?


Appropriate Insurance Coverage for Every Vehicle You Own

Everyone knows you need insurance for your day-to-day personal cars and trucks. But what about coverage for your other vehicles—you know, the ones that carry you off the beaten track? Many people don’t realize that carrying insurance coverage for these is just as important as for their regular, everyday vehicles. Some don’t realize the variety of coverages available for ATVs, golf carts and other leisure vehicles, either.
Not to worry. At Murray Insurance, we can help you decipher which coverages are best suited to your particular off road vehicle. We offer policies for insuring a wide range of circumstances. Whether your recreational vehicle is out roaming the woods, putting between the greens or even parked in the garage through the off-season, we can write appropriate coverages to protect it.

Is My ATV or Off Road Vehicle Covered by My Existing Insurance Policies?

In most cases, typical home insurance and auto insurance coverage won't protect any variety of recreational or specialized vehicle. If you use your vehicle on your own property, normal auto or home insurance might provide limited coverage, but you need to review the policy or call your agent for details.
Many people don’t use their off road vehicle on personal property, anyway. Plus, more and more public facilities are now mandating that riders and drivers carry appropriate insurance. If you own one of these vehicles, you owe it to yourself and to others to carry comprehensive coverage from Murray.

What Does Off Road Vehicle Insurance Cover?

Standard insurance policies for ATVs and other off road vehicles cover many of the same perils regular auto or motorcycle policies cover:
• Comprehensive
• Collision
• Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
• Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Call Murray for a Free Quote on Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Got questions about ATV and golf cart insurance? We’re here in the office anytime during regular business hours to with the answers you need to make informed coverage decisions; just call Murray Insurance Services at 863-763-5551!

At Murray, we offer free, comparative quotes on off road vehicle insurance from multiple insurance carriers, assuring you of the best possible rates. Want to see how much we can save you? For a free online insurance quote on any leisure vehicle insurance, just complete the quote form on this page!

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