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    “Once you’re involved insurance, you’re in it for life.”

  • In 1974, Herman Murray opened an independent insurance agency in Palm City. He became the first person in Florida to sign as an independent agent with Allstate, an alliance that has endured for 43 years. By 1975, he had expanded to Okeechobee and then to Indiantown. He then later decided to focus solely on Okeechobee and Palm City.

    Herman's son, Shannon, decided to follow in his father's footsteps by joining Murray Insurance Services in 1989. Shannon bought the company from his father in 2001. Herman and Shannon still worked together however, the 2004 hurricanes damaged their Okeechobee office. Thankfully, that didn't slow us down. Murray Insurance Services needed an office to serve hurricane victims quickly, so Shannon rented an available site next to radio station WOKC on Park Street and opened up to provide help.

    Fast forward to 2017, 10 years after Herman's passing, Shannon decided to go back to his roots and build a new office where the old Okeechobee office stood. 

    In 2022 Murray Insurance Services partnered with Darr Schackow Insurance Agency to provide more options to our clients.
    (Learn More About Darr Schackow.)

    Despite all the changes, Murray Insurance Services has never changed its mission. We want to offer great policies with amazing service. We honor Herman's memory every day by taking care of our Florida community.

    Let Murray Insurance Services take care of you because we know the importance of taking care of what matters most.

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Herman Murray, Founder of Murray Insurance Services, Inc.

  • What We Offer

Murray Insurance Services only offers quality policies. No matter what you need, we know we can build you the perfect policy package for your budget.

  • Personal Insurance

    You work hard for your valuable possessions. Luckily, we have policies for your home, auto, boat, and more.

  • Life Insurance

    Nothing in life is guaranteed including life itself. Murray offers life insurance plans to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

  • Business Insurance

    If you're anything like us, you know that your business means the world to you. Our policies will make sure that your employees, office, and you are always prepared.

  • Farm and Ranch Coverage

    Here at Murray Insurance, we understand a farms and ranches mean so much. That's why we know how to build the best coverage for them.

  • We Provide Quality Service in Florida

    We're Looking Forward to Treating You Like Family

  • Our Expert Team

    Here at Murray Insurance Services, we have a wonderful staff. But, don't let the smiling faces fool you, we know how to take care of business. 

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